~On the edge~

It's often good
To speak ones mind

At times

There's a place called moments

These moments
At times

Can allow us

To sand the edges
Off a projected thought.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2017
About this poem:
nothing more, nothing less, simple thought expressed here

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A projected thought, let it shoot through!
No need to sand the edges my friend

Yet one can sand the edges

no, tell it how it is,

The allowance of being YOU

Hi Soph, I agree 100% with your reply, ty for your words.
It's the harshness I refer too in such, if one has a thought to offer and give, ears will listen if indeed it's not a harsh projection.
I do speak my mind and have no time for the candy coating, or the political correctness that seems to be invading society. The ones that speak in the harsh manner the projection usually falls on deaf ears.

Hope you are well there with all the happenings this past while. wine hug
Thank you my friend

I indulge in what you write

as such indulgence is pretty cool to me

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