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Searching For Freedom

To be free
I went to Andalucia,Spain
Bought a caravan
slept near a tree.

To be free,
i went to japan to meditate
sitting in the floor
drinking''green tea''.

To be free,
i bought a tent
living years and years near the sea.

I searched a lot but didn't find freedom,
was too much sad,upset,
where she is?why couldn't find her?
i cried a lot,deeply i cried,
i asked god the one and only
who has no partner,son or daughter,
i asked him to help me
how i can live without freedom?
i can't
so i said:
pls God help me.
After crying and asking god deeply
i felt peace inside.

After i found,
that freedom comes by worshipping god,
the one and only who has no partner,
not worshipping richy people,
not worshipping money,
not worshipping ourselves or others
just god.

I found freedom,
don't need to go outside to find her,
it's inside me.

And now,writing this poem
in my room,
and flying like a bee.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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Comments (3)

sounds like a good Buddhist trek to self awareness. good job.
Happy you found what you were searching for...thanks for sharing :)
Thanks agoodguy2have,but wanted to tell u it's not buddhist but islamic thoughts ,we can find peace,freedom and love by knowing god the creator,by knowing that he's one ,has no partner,no son or daughter,and we can know god by too many ways,one of them is asking ourselves:who created us?Who created all things we see or hear?Thanks for sharing.
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