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The Search

It's logical to believe that we not alone in the Universe,
Wow, how did we get here?
Some would say a divine force (God) created us,
Philosophies emerged,
The ancient Greeks believed in polytheism,
And also a form of reincarnation,
As did the Hindus,
The Vikings had a warrior culture with Thor and Odin,
Judaism had the one God concept,
As did its spin off Christianity,
And of course Islam has the one God concept too.
The Incas had their Sun God.
The concept of a creative force makes sense,
Each culture developed its own philosophy of existence.
They developed a set of moral rules,
Necessary for peaceful coexistence,
All very commendable.
They based it on the known world of their time.
It gave people hope from the disease,
The hardship,
And their transient life.
The world moved on,
We saw the stars and the infinity out there,
We figured out some laws of physics,
But it always stopped at that big question,
Yes but why?
What came before the Big Bang?
What is the purpose of these forces of physics?
And why are we such little, frail creatures,
So curious?
Perhaps the answer is so simple,
We are part of this amazing process,
We have evolved enquiring minds,
As part of our survival.
We want answers,
Some use logic,
Some simple mystical belief,
I’m sure in the end we’ll get there,
But only if we let reason,
And our unique enquiring minds,
Let the universal laws,
Give up their answers.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2017
About this poem:
I don't come on here very often now but I noticed that one of your poets..."looking2share" put up a controversial poem about the nature religion and God. It received many comments...most unfavourable. He stirred up a hornet's nest because he dared question what for some people is the answer to their lives. When you question established religious's a brave call. I know that most of us cannot accept a nothingness concept of death. We're more important than that. Anyway I just put down my thoughts. I do believe that we are part of a bigger picture but still think we are in the process of finding out what that is. I would hope this poem will generate some "positive" thoughts and discussion.

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You statements are very sincere and what you believe in.
I believe in my Jesus and there are too many things that have happened in my world to have disbelief.
When we die we have hope to be in another place, Our soul is still there only in another level of existence.
Thanks for sharing. SM
I am an athiest, but for people who live more at peace believing in a God whatever that is then so be it

Man has always been uable to fully take in we are an accident, so they worship the sun, the weather or someone up above.

I do not mind as long as their belief does not kill handshake
Mcduff5: I feel there is enough proof in science to put an almighty to rest!

Redex: As I have made note of several times... I truly have as much HOPE as any! To reiterate...people want to believe in some loving merciful deity and that's okay. I will never get passed why (Our Father) could sit with a watchful eye and let HIS children suffer to the inexplicable degree that we do. He said we are his greatest creation, he gave us the GIFT of life. This utterly sick perverted wicked world he forced us to live in is NO GIFT! PEACE AND GOOD WILL TO YOU ALL!
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