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Dare to face and believe

Dare to try new things,
Dare to disappoint others,
Dare to break tradition,
Dare to make lots of mistakes.

Face all abuse and criticisms,
Face all obstacles head on,
Face all doubters and naysayers,
Face all problems and dangers.

Believe in what you preach,
Believe in yourself ,
Believe in your training methods,
Believe in your dreams and goals !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2017

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Comments (6)

In other words: "Practice what you preach!" laugh Life is one big risk.

I have to admit I'm a chicken when it comes to some things.

Good to see a familiar face back on.

Kathy teddybear
thank you Kathy
it's good to be back
Good Advice, AB, but where have you been?
Belief is so powerful. You said it well in this poem.applause
Thanks LCBL
I've been away when they change the font and format which was confusing to use ..I think they change it again but slightly better ...
that's an old saying
..don't fix anything thatts not broken or you're make it worse
Thanks Mcradloff
good to see and hear from you again
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