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Twin Soul

The violent waveforms of a hitherto unfelt emotion
crashed violently against my defences
Desire that had never been realised
Thrashed restlessly at my barriers
Barriers erected to resist all but the fiercest of storms
And a torrent of pure, unconditional love
rushed through the opened gates
Such that I was drowned in the mysteries of infinity
And creation
But you stood amidst the tumult as cold and unmoved
as alabaster
Looking on at a distance, like a scientist
Removed, unimpressed, quizzical
As your back turned the tide starts its inevitable retreat
Back Into the primitive forces of nature
Belief mocks her again from the recesses of time
Hope lies dead amidst the corpses of broken shells
And spent seaweed, and trust is extinguished forever
That which gathered such powerful form, PASSION,
She tethers up roughly once and for all
No wave form shall again disturb her sea or lap at her
Barren shore of isolation
More alone than a single cell
She morns her loss in complete silence.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
This poem is dedicated to Pink Poetess and all who have experienced
the bewildering phenomenon of a vanishing Twin Flame or soul

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Comments (5)

Beautiful poem. Thank you for understanding. So kind of you to do something like this. Bless you.
Take heart PP.If the escapee is your twin soul then you will inevitably, unavoidably be together in time.You will spend eternity together so enjoy your freedom while you can!angel
"lap at her Barren shore of isolation", one of the many novel phrases..., lovely read...
I am really not that much of a misery guts as it appears! See my new blogg,'tell me a bad joke'. The best worst one gets a big kiss!
Thanks though EGT.
"She tethers up roughly once and for all" is a interesting thought in an interesting poem, also, "More alone than a single cell" really expresses it well ;-)
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