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The Foot Path

My toes touched the sand

I saw footprints


I placed my foot in many
some big some small

some steering there some steering over yond

what footprint was I following?
was on their mind?

I don't know

but I walked concaved into a
I wondered who would
walk in mine
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2017
About this poem:
A private time

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Comments (7)

godsprincessonline today!
And where did their path lead you? Be careful of which path you follow. Like in life - don't always follow in others' footsteps as it might not be the right way.

I really enjoyed this whimsical read. But my mind always has to go deeper for some reason.

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy teddybear
trurorobonline now!
Nicely done Soph, we all leave some footprint in this life.
Rob xx
Hello godprincess

The footsteps never lead me,I just love the feel and wandered.
It was my horizon I saw

We can at any times delve deep, yet that becomes a personal leap

I also love jumping on sand castles.

Hello Rob

wow! some people have big feet!
Then the lovely teeny tiny ones!
Was a great walk!

Soph xx
Sophia this is also thought provoking
I never stepped on any other footprints
maybe I never done so many beach walking
but I wish to experience this ....

in another context ...I wish to walk in my father's footsteps but the only one is the trait which is not the best one . I feel my steps are clumsy and ugly and lonely . anyway this was a beautiful poem .
Hello morgen90210


create your own, most people love to insert their foot (their tread)
and carry on.

Nice poem Soph...
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