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Devil's Dice

The sixth sided devil's dice,
Crafted from infant finger bones,
They come in a set of threes,
There's only 3 sets in history.

Played by the unholy Knights,
Glows eerily on moonless nights,
They lose their power in sunlight,
Energise under a warlock sight.

The druids feared them the most,
Imbued with the darkest of magic,
Kept inside a pouch of velvet skin,
The keepers are always first born male.

Used in the black arts of necromancy,
And in the most powerful of the summoning,
And if you should come by with any of these,
To keep in possession will bring you ills and misdeeds.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2017
About this poem:
Something new and ancient
It's got a tale ...Beware

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Comments (9)

These dice don't sound nice...Another one about the dark arts I see Morgan...devil
yup LCBL it's a fantasy one
I think no one knows if there's a REAL devil's dices
but then I could weave a tale from this ...
thank you
That first stanza is awesome. ..."crafted from infants finger bones".......a great set-up for for a great imagined set of Devils dice.....fantastic imagery. Truly unique writing... thumbs up cheers
Super mighty thanks candy kid
Every Poet bring back their poems about Halloween
I did bring mine back Morgen - but no dice (pun intended) - no nibbles - no bites - etc., etc., etc.

Kathy very mad
Kathy ..I'm dying to read it ..ha ha ha devil
Hey Morgen ...........Cool write and great imagination ..........Good to see you bro ......REgards NUgrin
Mighty big thanks Nu
Anyway hug
Sorry to hear about the what's happening

Give my sister ..your wife Kathy a big hug for me
I came back
Partly because of you guys too
You guys are the lighthouse of CS

Love will eventually come
To those who are looking
So enjoy our love in return
For sharing and being here applause cheers
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