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Day bows out, night comes in
And the music slowly fades
Falling mist, sight grows dim
The windows close their shades

All’s been said
No more to cry
One question remains
God why?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2017

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Supposedly we will know "Why" someday. I get 2 interpretations from this poem. Literally - the end of a hard day. The other one is the end of a life as the spirit leaves the body too soon and the loved wonder why? Why now?

Very thought provoking for such a small poem. Thanks for sharing.

If you have lost a loved one - my condolences.

Kathy hug teddybear
We may never know why. In a Universe, that is essentially infinite; maybe we are not meant to know why?
Maybe we are just meant to go with the flow; to be happy with who we are, and to help others - if we can..
Thank you Kathy for your kind comment. I admit I was thinking of the ending of an life but I posted this on another site and they believed it meant day changing to night. Just shows that we all see different things.

Thanks for your comment lovecanbereal

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