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Carla - "Free Spins" Poem

Carla - "Free Spins"

About a year ago I was stood up
I thought I had a date, and all was fine.
I'd gone to Bradbury Pub I had up cups
To meet a girl I thought who would be mine
For a date that night - when do I have enough?
Or was I just another man in line?
Though I've had enough of Plenty of Fish*
Easy to meet on there? oh how I wish!

The night was chill - the middle of the winter
I was drawn away from my nice warm hearth.
When the girl didn't show - t'was like a splinter
Had been driven right into my open heart.
T'was a tavern where I'd gone to meet her
So in this tavern is where my story starts.
The pub (as I've noted) was in Bradbury
A nice suburban place for company.

Saturday night;- the inn was rather crowded
(The usual crowd in outer suburbia).
On this dark night, the suburb now enshrouded,
While within were patrons - some the worse for wear.
With each beer, my mind became more clouded
Two hours had almost past - where was she - where?
Well maybe some other lucky man has scored
(I was thinking) as I looked up at the tote board.

Saturday night trots- they were at Menangle
The pub (as most do) had a TAB.
I hadn't come to bet;- the odds to wrangle
(And all I wanted was some company).
I hadn't planned, with the tote to tangle
(Though it seem'd there was a horse there just for me).
Well-performed;- a real strong "son of a gun"
I couldn't believe it said "fifteen to one".

Well, I had bought two hundred dollars with me
Enough (I thought) for a taxi, and some drinks
Though now it seemed, there wouldn't be a lady
So I'll have a bet and then leave (methinks).
Well, the horse strode clear - and won - it was pay day
(To me this horse was just as good as Winx).
With ten each way, I'd won two hundred dollars
So who needs thoroughbreds,- and Chris Wallers?

Two hundred that I'd bought was now one fifty
(That's give or take seven or eight cold beers)
And with two hundred won, was now three fifty
I collected at the tote, and told them "cheers".
Well now I'm pissed, and thinking kinda shifty
I throw caution to the wind and lose my fears
And did something I'd rarely do when sober
That's play the "slots" and turn the money over.

Americans call 'em slots - that's our pokies
And I (for one) wouldn't recommend to you
This mode of gaming I'd call "hokey pokey"
(Put your money in;- and you're mostly screwed).
You think you're gonna win? Well, are you joking?
(Your currency, it slips fast out of view).
Electronic farce, and tricks,- deceit and lies
They'll steal the pennies from your granny's eyes.

I guess I played that night 'cause I was miffed
Being lured all that way to the boondocks.
Being left all alone, and being stiffed
It serves me right for thinking with my c*ck.
My mood was low, and wouldn't seem to lift
(I expected the machine'd take all I've got).
When suddenly that slot began to feature
Well, ain't Lady Luck a funny creature?

To cut the story short, I won two thousand!
And decided to take the money, there,- and run.
I collected the fat wad which I trousered
Then thought I might go out and buy some fun.
Hailing a taxi cab (which I then ordered)
"Take me to the House of the Rising Sun
Well Aussie cabs are silver, and not yellow
And by the Rising Sun- I mean Bordello.

The house of ill repute,- of which I speak
Was really the one closest to my home
I'll not "name names",- and though the flesh is weak
It's better than going home pissed and alone.
Once inside I felt as must feel a sheik
Being pampered in a room of one's own
A private room,- if only for one hour
The lady's name was "Carla";- a sweet flower.

The flower of which I speak, was from Asia
Her English not so good;- It didn't matter
When tasting all the forms of love's fantasia
One doesn't ask for elocution's chatter
Well, there's no more room now, on the page here
For me to go, and further tell of Carla
Beautiful? Yes - though a lady of the night
I'd been stood up - though it turned out alright.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 19, 2017
About this poem:
* The popular dating website.
** An outer South West Sydney suburb.
*** An outer South West Sydney (semi rural) suburb.
**** TAB (Totalisator Agency Board) betting shop.
***** Winx - very famous Australian racehorse.
****** Trainer of Winx
******* Poker Machines

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Comments (10)

  • K_Ann_70
    K_Ann_70 Aug 2017 unknown, California USA
    Another descriptive tale of your love and luck exploits!

    Thanks, LCBR!
  • eeejay
    eeejay Aug 2017 paterson, Minnesota USA
    You sure got a way to tell a story, Mr. real.
  • lovecanbereal
    lovecanberealOP Aug 2017 Sydney, New South Wales Australia
    K_Ann thanks for your read and comment....thumbs up
  • lovecanbereal
    lovecanberealOP Aug 2017 Sydney, New South Wales Australia
    eejay...thanks for your read...glad you enjoyed...handshake
  • Black_Unicorn46Hidden Profile
    Black_Unicorn46Hidden Profile Aug 2017 Red Bank, New Jersey USA
    I appreciate the raw honesty in your poems. applause
  • lovecanbereal
    lovecanberealOP Aug 2017 Sydney, New South Wales Australia
    Thank you, BU...comment appreciated....bouquet
  • mcradloff
    mcradloff Aug 2017 Platteville, Wisconsin USA
    The last time I went to a strip club was in 1996. I didn't like it as all they really wanted from me was my money, not my love. Once I got to my 10 dollar limit I was out of there.daydream shimmy
  • lovecanbereal
    lovecanberealOP Aug 2017 Sydney, New South Wales Australia
    Thanks for the comment mcradloff...appreciated...thumbs up
  • Ummka
    Ummka Aug 2017 Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
    good verses
  • lovecanbereal
    lovecanberealOP Aug 2017 Sydney, New South Wales Australia
    Thanks, Ummka; appreciated. I must say you also have considerable skill with you graphic design technique... thumbs up
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