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Keys, Hammers and Strings Poem

Keys, Hammers and Strings

seven years old
untapped talent
even then
do you remember?

we met and
with every scale
i touched
88 generations of
my past
my future
they were all familiar
and loved me
as i loved them

with every chord
the whole world
became more faint
thundering applause
a whisper
never a desire
to return
my joy and comfort
with you
as you translate
to the world
the melodies of my heart
my soul

no dance
close and slow
fast and spaced
compares to
my dances with you
i reach for you
you receive me
welcome me
accept me
take whatever i give
and ask only
for a song
in return

you are not
life's pain
never held me

you never let me go
my old, dear friend
my piano
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 20, 2017

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Comments (4)

  • lovecanbereal
    lovecanbereal Aug 2017 Sydney, New South Wales Australia
    "When words fail music speaks"... although your words don't fail here - nice
  • K_Ann_70
    K_Ann_70OP Aug 2017 unknown, California USA
    Thanks LCBR!hug
  • RedexHidden Profile
    RedexHidden Profile Aug 2017 Northumberland, England UK
    wonderful just a wonderful poem thumbs up
  • K_Ann_70
    K_Ann_70OP Aug 2017 unknown, California USA
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and for your kind words, Redex!

    I appreciate you!!hug
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