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3 years since i messed up still feel the pain bru
And i feel as if i desrve the pain deserve to be alone u feel what im
Saying the devil has to trick us alter our plains so alone i stand 35 still young one hell of a man alone alone i paid my dues
Time to put alone in my past definitely not to make the mistakes i made in past
The pain is real it last ut remains instead of alone
I should have named this pain wanting to take a chance no strings
Anything goes so alone can be gone no pucture cause im shy i only work and go home after all that im still left alone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 22, 2017
About this poem:
Something i freestyle uts all real

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  • rusticbink
    rusticbink Aug 2017 moosejaw, Saskatchewan Canada
    hi Mr . ?Real
    Yes I can see that you Have Pain ,,
    YOu try to express it ,

    And It is in alot of people today .
    But the Real people get up,
    and keep on trying to improve !

    good expression of Pain of Life !
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