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Wifi, Wifi,
I'm on the end of my screen,
You make we wanna scream

Waited for you all day and night
but you never came to love me at all

Wifi, Wifi,
Why do you lie?
You lied and made a mess of me

Do you care?
Do you share?
You send me rainbows and hearts
Then disappear

Why do you lie?
You lied and made a mess of me

You forget i'm real,
Sitting here,
Waiting for a skype from you
Hit me up on instagram
But now you just abandon me

Wifi, Wifi
Why do you lie?
You lied and made a mess of me...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2017
About this poem:
Imagine if you could transport a band from 1967 SF to the present day...what would they make of this internet age?..well, here's a fair go at what kind of song lyric they might write...

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Comments (2)

I wish the Beatles would come back ?? I be one happy woman. Lol
I remember the cartoon the Jetsons had most of the gadgets we see today. They probably would wanna stay lol
banana rolling on the floor laughing head banger
— It something invisible that soars in air and makes us happy … — Love? — No, it is free Wi — Fi.rolling on the floor laughing
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