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Hello Darkness Poem

Hello Darkness

Hello darkness my old friend
Here we are we meet again
I put my finger to this pen
Breathe life through to a formless end
It always was inevitable
To see
Fantastic and incredible
To be
In this time
Conjured magik moments of Divine
Tip tappin drums on hearts n mind
Gimme the light n pass the draw
To me
Forget the fight jus roll n smoke
Them trees
Baby please
Lemz n cheese
Set the mind at ease
Wandering thoughts
Telepathic sports
Girls in mini skirts n guys in shorts
Wavey waves of Internet wi fi
Every1ne connected & combined
Serving this Matrix daily grind
And still we will n seek a path to free
This human frame making a prisoner of we
More power in the words we speak
The actions acted may seem strong but are weak
Oh just to tweak
That perception
That reflection
Overstand perfection
In the making
Giving taking
Hello darkness my old friend
Here we are we meet again
Train the mind not to comprehend
Make it a habit & a trend
Flowing free in this moment
In this moment
The best
Ya can be
In this moment
Now you are in darkness
Being the best you can be creates a light that shines out of that darkness
Magik you harness
Every time you embark upon this
The fear the doubt
The negative wiles of the world they're all about
Still dancing
No whining
Still smiling
And dining
With ma brejrin
Hello darkness my old friend
Here we are we meet again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 5, 2017
About this poem:
Light only comes from darkness
And stars can't shine without it

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