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How Emty the Poetry Poem

How Emty the Poetry

Oh How Empty the Poetry . were are the Poets of Yesteryear . were have the Poets Gone . the Writings of the Beatniks Hippies and Soul Searchers . the Cry.s of the Night . cry me a song . let the Tolling of the Bell Bring them Home . Let your Pain Write your Song . Do you Cry Fore your Soul . Let the Devil Take Tomorrow . It comes in the Night . Listen for the Beat the Words . the Devil wears Prada too .
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Posted: Sep 7
About this poem:
the Poem is about the Empty Poems . Poems gone with the Wind . were have the Poets Gone were is the Souls that Cry in the Night and the Howls if the Pain in the Night . Dream a Dream and Fly ever so High . Wear have the Poets Gone is my Poem and I Write your Song .

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