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Mother, dear Poem

Mother, dear

To return mother for a moment...
To tell all that hasn't managed to tell her.
To embrace as before it is gentle - gently,
And to iron shoulders, to kiss hands …

And to tell how isn't enough,
And to ask forgiveness, for everything …
To sit, having nestled, without releasing hands
Both to speak and to speak to her about everything …

I know that at an apartment door
Mother will never be able to enter,
Won't kiss, won't press as earlier
Won't ask how I have put mine now …

Mother, lovely, native,
There was only a memory of you.
The sepulchral hill, plate from a stone.
And that beats, and time hasn't saved pain.

I miss you very strongly mother.
I miss so that it is difficult to tell.
As I want that you would be near.
But there is no way, there is no road back.

Mother, dear, native, …
Where to me to put the pain ….
Soul shouts inside hysterically,
I will lack you …
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 8, 2017

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Comments (5)

  • RedexHidden Profile
    RedexHidden Profile Sep 8 Northumberland, England UK
    Beautiful tribute to mums all over hug
  • UmmkaHidden Profile
    UmmkaHidden ProfileOP Sep 8 Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
    Redex thanks for attention and comment
  • Everyminute
    Everyminute Sep 8 Amman, Jordan
    I miss you very strongly my best friend my mother ,

    I held you so close to my heart
    Praying that we'll never part
    But angels came and took you away
    And a tear I shed for your everyday
    Now a shining lit up star
    My mum will watch from up far
    In all the pain I'm going through
    i remember you, I'm here with you
  • UmmkaHidden Profile
    UmmkaHidden ProfileOP Sep 9 Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
    Wow super!!! Everyminute, thanks for attention and fine verses.hug
  • Everyminute
    Everyminute Sep 10 Amman, Jordan
    thank you
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