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Chains Poem


I seek not honours
Nor love
Could be amazing
But not for me
Would I bite the apple
From That tree
Could be seductive?
But it’s just not enough

Imagined chains
Keep dragging me
Soon comes the thunder
Stormig the sea
How hard I wish
How much I want
To just disappear
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 10

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Comments (3)

  • trurorob
    trurorob Sep 10 Alicante, Valenciana Spain
    Nicely done, sometimes we can just never get enough, or things will never be enough, I see what you say, but to me, I make life enough, maybe one day isnt, but I try to make sure the next is.
    Enjoy your thoughts my new friend
  • salamuna
    salamunaOP Sep 10 Deventer, Netherlands
    thank you so much Rob for you help, patience and understandingkiss
  • Everyminute
    Everyminute Sep 10 Amman, Jordan
    when the sky begins to clear
    The sun it melts away my fear
    This is a crazy world ,I can not understand ,
    I will not look back , I'll walk my way
    one foot before another and I don´t care if it´s raining again
    time will take it's time
    And you will find that in the end
    shoot high and be prepared for the worst but
    dont' live in it!cause if you feel bad you are moving
    down deep in your whole... but instead look for that light at the end of the tunnel.
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