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The Ending Way (A True Story)

''He can be a good husband'',they said
her mum and her dad
her sister and brothers didn't say anything
just waiting for the wedding cake.

''He can be a good husband'',said her mum
he's rich,he has money
he has big house,respectable family
he has good job,he works with the government
we didn't find better than him,till this moment.
So little baby girl,we work for ur good
marry him,marry him,to have a big bracelet,nice rings,
made from gold,saphire,diamond,not from wood!
Don't think about love,love will come with time,
we chose him for u carefully,like a poet who was chosen his rhymes!

The girl didn't speak,she was like shocked
she was very sad,like if she were blocked!
''What can i do"? I don't love him
he's not my style,he doesn't understand me
didn't enter my heart
He's too much different
No way for him ,in my body soul and mind.

The family didn't care for her girls feelings
They didn't care too for the morals of that man,for his thoughts,
they cared for his money,and the gifts he bought!

The days passed quickly,
the days like us,pass quickly,
and the girl was thinking:''what shall i do''?
My family wants him,but do i have to?
It's not my wedding,it's not my dreams,
it's not my wish,like that it seems!
I just have to be rebellious,and break the doors
and run away fastly,
run and run like a bloody horse!

In a shiny day,the girl ran away
didn't return back home
her family asked hospitals,police,neighbors about her
but nobody knows.
After 3 days,somebody has come to say:
''I have news about ur girl,she has run away,
for another country she has run,
for another life
do what u want to do family
what has been done,has been done!

A wise man told me:
The girl was ignorant
don't tell me about her bachelor degree,
cause in her religion,in Islam,
family can't force u for marriage,
can't tell u how ur life will be.
U should know ur rights,
u should ask for them,
rebel for them,
fight for them,
Read ''Holy Quraan'' my son,
read,understand and contemplate,
read what's true life is,and how people think,and again contemplate,
life is too short,understand it before it's late.
That's what i learned my son
that's what i learned from nights,
that's what i learned from days.
And the wise man took his way,
like a star,like a light,like a lost cloud,like a
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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a very good read about people and their motivations.
An impressive, wise story poem; well done!peace
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Can't say anything No more applause

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