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The Wounded Narcissist Poem

The Wounded Narcissist

In the pride of his knowledge,- he soared too high;-
His wings of wax and paper come undone;-
He plummets down now;- from that same blue sky;-
(And I am cow'd as Icurus' son).
Who feels the mortal damage to his pride;-
(And so I write of how I've come undone);-
The splitting and the splitting;- of wounds that run so deep;-
And sentimental tears course down his cheeks.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 12, 2017
About this poem:
A slight reworking of the Icarus myth.

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Comments (4)

  • K_Ann_70
    K_Ann_70 Sep 2017 unknown, California USA
    Ahhh, the hazards of vanity.

    I am really loving this free verse side of yours, LCBR!

    Thanks! hug
  • lovecanbereal
    lovecanberealOP Sep 2017 Sydney, New South Wales Australia
    Thank you K_Ann comment
  • mcradloff
    mcradloff Sep 2017 Platteville, Wisconsin USA
    I found a video on youtube that shows these guys celebrating too early and paying the price for their boastful pride. One I remember from a superbowl with the Cowboys who I don't like. The guy show the football off and gets it knocked out of his one hand before he can cross the end zone.rolling on the floor laughing
  • lovecanbereal
    lovecanberealOP Sep 2017 Sydney, New South Wales Australia
    Thanks for the comment...appreciated...cheers
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