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Lonely nights when I sit and stare, a blank wall and there is nothing there.
Over and over I pray and hope, will tonight be the night, but still I stare.
Silently time marches on, a faint crack of dawn, night’s almost gone.
This night was lost, waste of time, maybe next night, something to act on.

In the night where dreams hold sway, is there hope, I can only pray.
Noises muted, faint sounds of song, somewhere a party, just go away.
My eyeballs ache, there’s pain behind, pressure building, too much to bear.
Yet still I linger refusing to quit, while all around me there is only despair.

Every song sounds the same, tears spilled and memories of loss.
My life is over I now believe, burden I must bear, this is my cross.
Only now I realise, while it’s there you never care, this loss so great.
Tears to wipe to hide the pain, hide the shame while I sit and wait.

I hear a siren in a far off distance, the sound of train, a banshees wail.
Old songs from memories past, bitter sweet recollections my mind assail.
Nightly now I sit and stare, a blank wall and there is nothing there.
Still I pray and I hope, will tonight be the night, to end this nightmare.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2017

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Comments (7)

Brilliant acrostic just brilliant applause applause
So sad.

Kathy crying
Sad but wonderfully written Steve.Yes, life is for some of us like this when we age."I just sit alone at odd hours of the night wondering where life is leading me,to hat end."Thank you for sharing your poetic thoughts.hug
Good verse. Thank you that has shared.
Thank you Redex. It's nice that there are still some left on here that remember me.
Thanks Kathy for your comment

Acrostic that releases pain from the soul.I pray the night of nightmare will end and a joyful morning shall appear when love will release your fears.
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