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Ships in the Night (To Cafe)

There was a time when I entered these Elysium fields,
Of the poetic,
Yes I strutted and fretted on the poetic stage,
And met in this crazy nether world, like minded people,
Who were happy to challenge and create,
Or simply amuse.
Jim was one.
We never got really close but it wasn't difficult,
To see he was a gentleman,
A live wire with an amazing repertoire.
I'm deeply saddened to hear of his passing.
It's like all larger than life people,
You think they will last forever.
Yes, we have to be philosophic,
Or fatalistic,
Or a believer in faith,
And certainly Café, our much beloved Café,
Strutted his hour upon the stage,
And now will be heard no more.
But those still here,
Will remember and ponder,
With thoughts indelibly printed,
Of the man with the cocky baseball cap,
And the backwoodsman's sense of humour,
You've found peace now,
Life's fitful fever has run its course,
And now you can truly join,
A poetic universe.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2017
About this poem:
For the years that I've been on here, I have crossed swords with some and had agreeable chats with others. Jim was certainly of the latter. He wrote from the heart and I suspect typified that honest American, no nonsense ideal. He was the genuine article. You could see that from his poetry. I'm saddened to hear that he is no longer with us. We all tread that tightrope. Fond memories dear Cafe.

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godsprincessonline now!
Hi Macduff - "Cafe" Jim was certainly the real deal. There was no doubt what his faith was. He was a guiding light and mediator in this corner of the world. I know he is happy with all those he loved that went before him and look forward to meeting him again - this time in person. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute. I can hear him saying "All's good dear".

Kathy hug
a beautiful tribute to one fine gentleman knightthumbs up
Jim would be so honored that you wrote a tribute to him, as he thought very highly of you and of your poetic ability, as well as humbled and honored at the content.

Beautiful tribute(and now I'm tearing up, so gotta go.) Thank you so much for writing this for him.

SCatlyn rose rose rose

(See Jim... I know you do... Miss you so very much, my dear friend, Love ya always purple heart )

I can picture Cafe sitting "Up There' ~ leaning against a bamboo cage while sipping his special tea ~ and beaming from ear to ear the more he realizes what a tremendous influence and impact he has had while he walked this earth.

Thank you so much.


I don't know why I forgot, or perhaps, I hadn't quite put together, what a loving heart you have. The warm fire of your sentiment often seems eclipsed by the cool blue moon of your rational mind. This piece touches me because it actually hints at your passionate soul which no rational mind can never truly contain but only conceal for a short while in this world so full of shocks and jolts. Thank you for sharing your heart in this loving tribute. I did not know Jim and, apparently, nor have I a clear picture of you. I know you a little better now and what I see is a loving and gentle man. bouquet Life is so short--much shorter than most know. The semblance of separation from those we care for and love is but the blink of an eye from where our lost loved ones watch the world through our own eyes. T'is only we who suffer this semblance of separation. They are in the arms of Bliss, yet they still keep watch on us, removed from all the strains and demands of this world. Hard to remember at times when things are good, that this world is a very hard place, so very full of treacherous beauty. I have been to the edge of where Jim has "gone" and, I assure you, he is joyous. Yes, just now, his laughter rings in my inner ears and I am glad for Jim, but I am sad for those who believe him "gone" and miss him.
Yankee4youonline today!
RIP Jim Cafe HE WAS ONE-OF-A-KIND! The emphasis is on kind. Thanks for sharing this poem.
Hi Kathy,

It's strange that I very rarely come onto this site now, but there was a time a few years back when there was a real community on here and I remember Jim's humour and straight shooting honesty. I remember coming back after some time and saying to him..."you've taken over the site," as he was very prolific and well received. He just struck me as a genuine individual and obviously impressed a few others on here too. Well his words are now up there for posterity.

Cheers bouquet
Hi Redex,

Well you would remember.. bouquet
Hi Scatlyn,

My genuine tribute to a genuine man. I'm sure we're all going to miss him dearly. bouquet
Hi Mady,

The man is in the words and we will always be able to conjure up that essence as long as they are there.

Cheers, bouquet
Hi Cailin,

You are such an articulate creature. You have the writer's ability to express but also a mysteriousness of knowing. Remind me to send you an email. Hope all those adventures and aspirations are on track.

hug teddybear
Hi Yankee,

A familiar face who certainly experienced the time when we all bounced off one another. Who could forget Café in all that?

Cheers mate.: cheers:
candykidonline today!
Mac.......This thoughtful and well-written tribute to our recently departed poet friend is a true testament to your character. You posses a fine level of skill in everything that I have read from you thus far, and this is certainly no exception. I am confident Jim can, and does see this, and that it brings upon him great joy to know your personal feelings towards him. Well-done man......thumbs up
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