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Fine to Dine

Can you feel my teeth sink into you, tearing your flesh from the bone.
Agony as your nerves scream out in pain, but you cannot move.
No, there is no escaping as the ropes hold you down tight onto the table.
No-one can hear you scream, only I, as I savour the taste of your flesh.

I shudder with delight because for so long I have dreamt of this moment.
Been thwarted so many times when things kept interfering with my plans.
At last, at my mercy, incomprehension, shock, horror and much more.
Laying here, spread out before me, a feast for my consumption.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2017
About this poem:
acrostic - Cannibal

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Comments (3)

a poe like acrostic laugh thumbs up
I think you just blew any chance of getting dates on here. laugh

Thank you Redex. I do like a bit of darkness now and then

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