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Oh Lonely

Oh lonely you have hurt me way too many years
Oh lonely why do you hate me
I wish you would just disappear

It seems my prayin' never gets through
Cause every night and day
Lonely I'm still stuck with you

I watch tv them my eyes get tired and I turn away
I could tell someone about lonely but who would believe me
No one did yesterday

I keep pacing back and forth in this little room
Oh lonely why do you hate me
I wish you would just disappear really soon
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 8, 2017

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Oo, hints of some poetic talent.

"Oh lonely you have hurt me way too many years
Oh lonely why do you hate me
I wish you would just disappear..."

The first lines made me read the whole poem. I'd work more on this if it were mine. I suggest there is never a "need" for rhyme. To be candid, I hate rhyming poems, but I love the personification of "Oh Lonely, you have hurt me too many years."

Now, about loneliness. I grew up lonely--a strange child--feral, I'd say. But I grew up with the feeling that there was somewhere in the world "the one" to whom I was already promised and I needed to find him. The feeling was urgent because I was sure he must he must have been suffering too. That thought created pain. "...I would that my love be spared this tormented longing." We all feel that way. That's why loneliness is so common. I imagined we were perfect for one another and that we'd never fight and would have no real "need" to talk because we'd already know what was in each other's hearts--as if we were to be twins joined at a heart and a mind we shared.

I've been through a representative cross section of the haystack of potential partners and I must say, all those romantic thoughts were utter bunk. Worse, it was those very romantic thoughts I had harbored, unspoken in my mindspace, that actually made me long--and longing IS "loneliness". I discerned there was no "sacred other" no "the one and only" and that all the thinking that said it should be thus was more than just tosh--those thoughts were actually making me unhappy and lonely. The thoughts just disappeared because I gave them no more of my energy. They disappeared, taking loneliness with them.

The world teaches us we are not legitimate as a self contained, resourceful and independent persons. People who lose the partners on whom they had relied to feel legitimate, or "redeemed" by that love, are devastated. And it's not just because they miss the other. It's because the world seems to convey that we are not good enough if we are single--that we have to have the right spouse and kids and job and house, in the right neighborhood, the right lifestyle--to be "in".

It's all a lie.

YOU/WE are perfect and perfectly legitimate as a self contained beings. Yes, I still want a partner. IN fact, I still want "The One" and I have decided to settle for nothing less because I have looked closely at these thoughts as I have peered backwards through time. Partners who are not right for me are plentiful--and experience has shown me that attempting to be with "a wrong one" leads only to sorrow and time lost, energy dissipated, with only experience to show for it. I loved them all--even as I sent them away. I still love them. I love easily, but love is not enough to make a relationship work. IN fact, love deepens as couples work together, never giving up, to make it all work.

I have been celibate for 7 years. People ask "Don't you need to scratch that itch?"
"Yeah," I grunt. "I am made of flesh and blood, but I can scratch well enough physical itches myself."
"Why not take a lover?" they ask.
"Because it cheapens the real deal," I respond--and very few ever seem to get that concept. I reckon them likely to be selfish lovers from their lack of insight. I most miss seeing a man's eyes shine when he looks at me and knowing it was/is the pleasure and joy I give him that put that light in his eyes.

Write your love sonnets for that perfect beloved you may never find in this world--not for some embodiment you merely imagine to be the end of your searching. Your songs and sonnets are your gifts to that perfect love--and to the world. Leave a piece of your heart behind in words or whatever art you enjoy--to comfort searchers. Throw Lonely out. She camps on your threshold because you keep those silly thoughts in your mind. And she blocks the door, misting the eyes with tears so you could not recognize "the one" were she to show. teddybear
That is a sad picture you have shown but at times i can too relate. I did like the way you portrayed lonely hug
godsprincessonline today!
So true but then when I'm the most lonely - I turn to my poetry and friends in Poetry corner. Sending hugs your way.

Kathy hug hug
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