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Heart of Gold

Hail to you, Sir Cafe, most gallant knight
Defending the castle Poetry Corner
Protecting all the maidens day and night
While all the other knights you inspire

With your poems you wove a magic spell
Oftentimes taking us on a journey
Captivating with wondrous tales you tell
Fascinating us with their imagery

Your replies to comments on your poetry
Were always warm, cheerful and refreshing
They showed your pleasant personality
For all of us they were most endearing

We thank you noble knight with heart of gold
And may heaven bless your beautiful soul
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2017
About this poem:
Dedicated to cafetwo2010

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Comments (38)

godsprincessonline today!
Socrates - What a beautiful tribute to Cafe. I have been missing his humor, wit and poems for months on here now but most of all have missed his friendship. So happy for him for I know where he is and know is well taken care of. Take care.

Kathy angel
lovecanberealonline today!
Nice one...RIP Cafe (Jim)
mcradloffonline today!
I'll have to go and check my poems for any of his comments and see some of his poems on here too.smitten typing jackolantern

Thank you for your beautiful tribute. The title alone says it all, but everything you wrote is so fitting.

It's hard to say what my favorite part is because, well... you'll see lol

I most especially love:

"Your replies to comments on your poetry
Were always warm, cheerful and refreshing
They showed your pleasant personality
For all of us they were most endearing

We thank you noble knight with heart of gold
And may heaven bless your beautiful soul"

As you can see, nearly half of your tribute is my favorite part, and I love All of it. The favorite comes remembering his comments - to me they are also part of his legacy, so I love that you brought out the "endearing personality" that is so evident in his interactions. And how could I not love the descriptions of noble and heart of gold? I along with you, and I expect many others would love to join in and say "May heaven bless your beautiful soul".

A beautiful soul, yes that's Jim.
Thank you, Socrates, for this write from your own heart of gold.

SCatlyn purple heart

I just read one of my all-time favorite poems by Cafe, and you have a very funny comment on it, to which Cafe responded with a very funny comment as well. (In fact, I meant to point out your comment on there, so will do so now. I think the poem is called Bad Day.)
*Actually, it's called Hard Times laugh (I think he does have one called Bad Day that is completely different altogether.)
P.S. My apologies, Socrates, for adding so many comments - I just needed to add this:

I know some more have written tributes which I've just read, and they are treasures. I've gotta go now, but when I'm back, I'll be there straightaway. xoSCatlyn
well said master i have spoken to him on the phone.dancing dancing dancing
socrates44 ~

Thank you so much for your beautiful tribute to Cafe.

He did indeed have a heart and a soul made from pure gold.

I think I will be missing him for a long, long time to come!

He passing has left a tremendous void on this site.

He ~ as well as yourself ~ was always such a true gentleman!

Mady sad flower
Hi Socrates! wave A very fitting tribute to Cafe; you depicted him in a manner so true of his nature. If there is one thing I remember of him that brings a smile each time I remember Cafe... it's his unique sense of thumbs up
Beautiful.A wonderful tribute.
socrates44online today!

He will continue to live on through his poems that he has shared with us.

Take Care
The stanzas are very accurate....thanks for your tribute, I am confident it brings him pure joy upon reading your dedication.
socrates44online today!


Yes, may he rest in peace

sad flower
southmiami4321online now!
Socrates what a lovely dedication to our dear Cafe. We miss him so but surely his soul is with the Lord in peace forever.SMsad flower
socrates44online today!

See SCatlyn's 2nd and 3rd comments

Thanks for your input
Socrates you hit the nail on the head with this lovely tribute to a gentleman thumbs up
morgen90210online today!
Dear friend I am so pleased to read this and leave a comment ...
when I came to know about his death, I was calm but slowly felt the full blow of the news like a slow poison and did mourn over his passing .
I could not bring myself to give any comment on all his tributes . He is like a Uncle I never had in my place but at this santuaury. Beside him I also missed Particolor a lot and these two were the sparks of CS .
Tears still rolls down my eyes as I am writing this ..the sadness is there as it shows what a great man he was and will be in my treasured chest of memories ... I know he is in Jesus's bosom waving at us to meet him soon with his crackling smile .I cried for losing a friend , mentor, uncle,motivatior and poet . Thank you for this tribute to Cafe
Happychatty1online today!
A lovely poetic tribute ...thank you for sharing it wave handshake
socrates44online today!

I can see that you had a very special relationship with Cafe, based on what you have stated.

Yes indeed, he had a heart of gold.

Thank you for your lovely comment.
Thank you Socrates for this glowing tribute to Cafe (Jim)....he did have a heart of gold and was always there to comfort people,yes whenever my heart was heavy I used to mail him and he would reply with words of comfort.Great person,a fine human being he was,bearing his pain yet giving time to alleviate the pain of others.May his soul rest in peace,he is dearly missed.God bless you.
hedistuffonline today!
café was always kind...
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your comment.

Cafe was a most pleasant and cheerful person

who touched the lives of many of us here at CS.
socrates44online today!

Truly, he has left a deep and profound void here on Poetry Corner.

He shall be greatly missed.
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your kind words re my dedication to our Cafe.

You did a wonderful job yourself in your tribute to him

in true story-telling style that was typical of him.
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your kind comment.
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your favourable comment re the sonnet.

I also hope it brings him joy.
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your kind words.

May our Cafe rest in peace.
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your comment.
socrates44online today!

“I cried for losing a friend , mentor, uncle, motivatior and poet.”

Thank you for your very moving commentary on our dear Cafe.
socrates44online today!

Thanks for your kind words.
socrates44online today!

“....he did have a heart of gold and was always there to comfort people,yes whenever my heart was heavy I used to mail him and he would reply with words of comfort.”

Thanks for sharing with us, the wonderful relationship you had with him.
socrates44online today!

Thank you for your comment.
We shall remember.


Well said Socrates........Even while I sit here reminiscing I chuckle for that's what he made me do ..........Regards NU comfort
socrates44online today!

Very well said!
socrates44online today!

He was unique.

There were many sides to him,
including the humorous.
socrates44online today!
To New poets:

Truly, he was an exceptional poet here on CS.

I invite you to view his poems at:

and leave a comment.
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