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Late at night, I often think of you...
Tears come to my eyes and I call your name,
I miss you so much, I never forgot you,
My feelings for you, are still the same.
You have come to this world
In the hardest time of my life,
Even if you could not say a word,
You've managed to change my life.
You gave me hope and reason to live
When I was already about to quit
I was looking at you, and I couldn't believe
That one so small soul, can so much love to build.
I miss your pure love, I miss to hug you...
I'd give anything to get you back
Just for a second in my life, to tell you how much I love you,
But I know, you'll never come back.

You will live in my heart forever
How long will I be on this earth
No one can replace you, never
I hope we meet in heaven Maria, after my death...

by: MIlea

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 13, 2017
About this poem:
for you...

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Comments (6)

  • johnjjm
    johnjjm Oct 13 co westmeath0000, Westmeath Ireland
    yeah there lovely sentiments really nice
  • mariamarcela
    mariamarcelaOP Oct 13 SIBIU, Transylvania Romania
    there pure sentiments...
  • johnjjm
    johnjjm Oct 13 co westmeath0000, Westmeath Ireland
    yes is easy see that
  • IncubusBaigHidden Profile
    IncubusBaigHidden Profile Oct 14 Islamabad, Pakistan
    sad flower

  • mariamarcela
    mariamarcelaOP Oct 14 SIBIU, Transylvania Romania
    thank you!

  • Ann32love
    Ann32love Oct 16 Morant Bay, Kingston Jamaica
    Sad but therapeutic. Pain must be released.
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