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stop all the dancing

once you begin to believe in something
mores the pity for you
for were it truly better to have loved and lost
then we all must really feel better every day
that's funny..I don't feel better
in fact, I don't feel good at all
my head feels swollen and throbbing
where does one turn, when they are alone?
there is nowhere to go
the pain remains
moments played over and over again in my mind
now in an unbalanced state
what do I do with my feet?
my eyes cannot, or refuse, to focus
there is a fogginess to my hearing
nothing seems able to penetrate
as though now...I am become but a lump
a stillness about me
my sails unfilled
I might tread water...if I could move
looks like I may go down
my desire and all my past dreams
are merely that...past
then I smiled at the thought of a memory lost
almost found one...I can still be around
it gave me a moment..that I could but cling to
could I only recall it
before I drown
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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Comments (5)

now that's a cynical poem man...good, but cynical...whattcha got for the B side?
First of all, GREAT poem, but, hey, r u ok? should we be 'praying and fasting' for you?
Darn, i keep forgetting to say, GREAT TITLE, i have a thing about great titles!!!...
I would start a revolution if I said there's no solution. Cool write.applause
I think you've captured it dead on ! Good stuff !comfort teddybear bouquet
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