Cherry pie

Bye bye my cherry pie, we didn't have much but never ran dry. Money and wealth was all around us, but we had what counted each other, dreams and enough to survive. Until it happened out of the blue. And in the end could not mend. The vengences l can forgive, and l think of the life we shared together in your little flat. The odd record can bring tears to my eyes, but to go back now does no seem wise.
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Posted: Oct 2017
About this poem:
I wrote this poem after breaking up with a girl friend after living together for three years. One day it ended suddenly and knew it would not the same again.

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I am happy that you have used poetry as a creative outlet to express your loss.
NOSTRUSonline today!
Sad .....breaking uo is hard to do .....
I love
the nostalgia
and the ethics
the point of view
of this poemhandshake
I wrote the poem, this is [email protected] remember me? I liked that.??applause applause
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