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You stink you stink like a clogged up kitchen sink
You always cry and moan whenever I call you at home
You never have motivation like an abandoned railroad station
You just try to drag me down. So now I don’t need you around

You like to tell your friends that you’ve got me on a string
And when I ask you outright you claim you didn’t say a thing
You steal my money my car to hang out with some thugs
And sometimes you’re so spacey I believe that you’re on drugs

Didn’t you think I’d notice that you
Are always tired when I
Ask you to spend just a little time with me
You’ve always got some excuse
Doesn’t take long for you to lie
I used to be a fool but baby now I see

You just stink……. You just stink (Music)
Yeah you stink you stink like a dead possum on the road
Oh yeah you stink you stink time to carry your own load
You lied. You cheated now you can head on out the door
I don’t want your stinking a$$ no more
Don’t stand there. What are you waiting for?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2017
About this poem:
Now this is for my hard core metal head friends to get a good laugh from my attempt to write in their genre. LOL

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