by AnoniAmosGrove City, Ohio USANov 9, 20170 comments

The promise…

I broke a promise to my heart. It would not open again.
I promised it would be safe for I would not let anyone in.
I told it we would stay alone and not pursue a fantasy
I said I would be satisfied with just it and me.

I tried hard to hide it away, to keep it out of sight.
Even from desires that plagued us thru the night.
We were very diligent steadfast and so strong.
There was no way possible for us to go wrong.

When a man looked my way, I’d look back with evil eyes,
And that would be enough for him to pass us by.
So why really upon a dare did I go to that place?
Why did I turn around to see your gentle face?

Why were you poised there with such a wonderful smile?
Why didn’t I get up and go outside a while?
It was my heart that saw you and guided me that night.
My heart whispered to me and said it would be alright.
My heart saw something in you that I could not see
So actually my heart broke its promise to me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 9, 2017

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