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Burr Poem


A single snowflake drifts to the ground
As a Robin sings her melody
She wraps her feathered arms around
Her fledglings nesting in a tree

A rabbit sees the tiny flake
As she forages with her brood
Soon it will be time to hibernate
And no time to search for food

The geese prepare their goslings
For the long flight heading south
A mama gander counts her chicks
With grass hanging from her mouth

The bears play with their cubs
On their last day outside
With bellies filled and fur well thickened
Into their cave they stride

Yes winter is surely almost here
The cold wind has started blowing
Make sure you prepare as animals do
For soon it will be snowing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 9, 2017

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  • K_Ann_70
    K_Ann_70 Nov 9 unknown, California USA
    Wonderful winter imagery here. Thanks for sharing!

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