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A wonderful walk with Cafe

I remember when you first opened to come to the poets corner
we welcomed you
a momentary scary time of writing poetry

you were and are just amazing
you had your'e way and full of love
with the Lord in your soul
hesitant you went then stride by stride
you were who you are

I loved you Cafe
you knew that

for all your'e open blesses
you wrote with such passion and
fell so sweetly into
dam right!

the caring sweet soul that
stood fast
and True

time leaves us
yet the sun as you say will shine
and there you are

warming my back
being who you are

just a beautiful day

Thank you my dear sweet man

you spread the love

the life
the togetherness with
the Lord
Welcome Home

Love Sophie
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2017
About this poem:
Our beautiful friend.

He and others know.

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Comments (3)

Such a fine tribute to an amazing gentleman Sophie.He lives in all our hearts.hug
godsprincessonline today!
What beautiful tribute to Cafe - Sophie! Thank you for sharing with us. Holidays on here are going to be difficult without Cafe Jim! crying hug

Kathy sad flower teddybear
Awesome my friend. Our collective effort of remembering him just show how much he is greatly missed.

Thank God, we are blessed with his writes. hug
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