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Grecta Lords House

1. His friend Kamchot he had trusted
ate at his table at Hecklon,
he had lifted up his heel against Kamchow in war.

2. When Kamchot was his friend,
he would declare his rules 2 everyone,
he had his army sign his covenant,
that even if it had come 2 it,
they would die 4 that covenant in battle.

3. The Royal Wizard Kamchow,
he time portaled from 2017
to when where men were giants,
that had roamed the earth.
He had already been there & back,
he was able get enough DNA,
from those 36-ft tall giants."
This would change 2017,
give it enough time 4 new offspring human children
to grow,
they will show u wild animals
the new meaning of fear!

4. "Back to finishing the rest of paragraph - 2."
Kamchow remembered when Kamchot ate at his table
at Hecklon, he heard him re-cite his rules
that came out of his mouth,
that he made into a Covenant.
"Then all of a sudden Kamchot had snapped
right in front of Wizard Kamchow's table,
at Hecklon,
he began to say hateful things about Kamchow's covenant
coming so loud out of his mouth.
He was quite shocked,
He wondered if he was under someone elses power."
He knew there were several other Wizards
from different centuries,
they had shown extreme jealousy of him
Kamchot's friendship.
One Wizard Kamchow could see
he had shouted out to him,
when he was passing through the time portal continuum,
he said, "there's something very powerful
in Kamchot, he doesn't know it,
and I will steal him away from you!"

Kamchow said, "U cannot breach our barrior,
it's one million light years away,
the great barrior is made up with blue fire,
those who have tried have lost their lives!"

5. Kamchow said, This other Wizard from another century
his name was Hatchet."
Kamchot began to build his own army,
in Wizard Kamchow's Kingdom valuable royal treasures had come-up
missing, then 400 concubines of his had got taken hostage."
Kamchow started believing, "this must be the work of
Wizard Hatchet,
I do remember he said he would steal
Kamchot away from me."

"Kamchow had went on another time portal travel again,
when he arrived to Wizard Hatchet's Century,
Kamchow was shocked at what he had found
that Wiazard Hatchet had done."

6. Royal Wizard Kamchow had found Wizard Hatchet's house,
it was just a small shack of a pilgrim's house,
far out in the deep country
but underneath this small house,
the place was as big as a football field."

Kamchow had found modern locking mechanisms,
he wondered to himself and said,
"he must of traveled through time
bringing back with him this modern technology."

There were many rooms every door was as thick
as a bank vault door,
made of steel had a bank vault lock on the front,
he had managed to make miniature versions of it."

The more Wizard Kamchow had seen,
he felt confident that Wizard Hatchet has cast
some kind of a potion on him to change Kamchot's heart!"

Kamchow was very troubled,
he had never seen such a strong hold
that was built to keep the locals out to reaching him,
in Wizard Hatchet's Century.

7. Royal Wizard Kamchow had to return back
to his light year portal time travel period,
on his way back he felt very tired,
he felt something bump him real hard
when he was sneaking around in Wizard Hatchet's hidden
strong hold below his pilgrim's country house.

Royal Wizard Kamchow had figured it out,
when that invisible entity had bumped him so hard,
at the same time it must have sucked half of his powers
out of him, he felt like he was going to faint.

So Royal Wizard Kamchow had decided to wait
one earth year before going back there again.
Kamchow had said to himself, "when this one earth year expires,
Wizard Hatchet doesn't know
I will be ready for anything
he tries to hit me with!"

Royal Wizard Kamchow knew that Wizard Hatchet
had stolen Kamchot's Heart,
and Wizard Kamchow was determined
to find out & get his friend Kamchot back!"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 16, 2017
About this poem:
1. Grecta Lords House, Kamchow had named the his house
after his mom, this was his moms name, she died to some unknown disease
had claimed her life when Kamchow was 16-years old.

2. His dad had died of the same disease 3-years later after his mom
had passed away.
But their son Royal Wizard Kamchow was un-effected by this
unknown disease all the years that he was alive.

Many Black Men Got Burned Alive In Their Houses, When They Found A Black Man
With His Own Invention. They Killed Lynching Him Stealing His Invention Putting the Invention In his name,
as the soul-inventor.
Before Prayer & Discipline Lynch-Nosing Was The Preyer & Discipline,
To Get Rid of Prayer & Discipline Is To Return Back To their own Systems Own

4. Foreign-Governments, if in past accounts you have arrested American Men
for disrespecting breaking your laws, then foreign governments, write a book about it,
tell the world about it.
The book you write will warn other foreign-governments what to expect,
when these American Men go visiting in other foreign-governments,
especially those American Men that favor disrespect as their favorite sport.

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