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My soul belongs to the Stars and Heavens
It is captured inside this earthly abode
It struggles like a bird to be free
So that it can fly carefree to its star home

Not meant to be weighed down here
It strives to be happy and carefree
Needing to join in with the stars above
Where it is free to twinkle for eternity

Free to follow its dream without any care
To do what ever it wants without fear
For my soul was born in the Stars above
It yearns to return to twinkle with love

Kathy Ostrander © November 18, 2017

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 18, 2017

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Comments (20)

  • mcradloff
    mcradloff Nov 18 Platteville, Wisconsin USA
    I just started watching It's a Wonderful Life. At the beginning the head angels are galaxies while the angel second class trying to his wings is only a small star.happy place angel
  • lovecanbereal
    lovecanbereal Nov 18 Sydney, New South Wales Australia
    Maybe not to heaven, though I'm convinced we go somewhere...Nice one Kathy...thumbs up
  • Happychatty1online now!
    Happychatty1 Nov 18 ....., Lancashire, England UK
    In my understanding of your faith I understand the context of this great poem Kathy..thank you for sharing it..much love Happychatty1 wave heart beating applause
  • yoursas
    yoursas Nov 18 unknown, India
    What a beautiful poem............heavenly !!!!!!!!!! keep writing
  • salamuna
    salamuna Nov 19 Deventer, Netherlands
    Lovely poem Kathy . thank you for sharing it. Its really a great feeling. I have almoust the same one. Warm wishes, Lilly
  • godsprincessonline now!
    godsprincessOP Nov 19 Owego, New York USA
    Mc: Thanks so much for commenting. I will be happy to be just a little tiny angel star shining!

    Kathy angel
  • godsprincessonline now!
    godsprincessOP Nov 20 Owego, New York USA
    LCBR - ty - I know we agree to disagree - however, I do appreciate you stopping by, reading and commenting.

    Kathy hug
  • Ronnie779
    Ronnie779 Nov 20 Aberystwyth, Gwynedd, Wales UK
    Lovely poem :)..its said we came from stardust.(remember the song?)..and doubtless we will become stardust again
  • godsprincessonline now!
    godsprincessOP Nov 22 Owego, New York USA
    Thank you Ronnie. Our earthly shells return to dust and technically isn't our sun a Star and the earth circles the star so - yes our bodies return to star dust. However, I feel my soul goes to Heaven brighter then all the stars and I pray my soul shines and twinkles as bright as a star! lightbulb (no sun emoticon)cool
  • candykid
    candykid Nov 22 Ashburn, Virginia USA
    I love the title, and the content is beautiful. You certainly have a wonderful testimony that is full of truth....purple heart
  • Ummka
    Ummka Nov 23 Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
    Good verse. Thank you that has shared.
  • godsprincessonline now!
    godsprincessOP Nov 23 Owego, New York USA
    Oops - seems I skipped way ahead in my thanks. Thank you HappyChatty. Since my name is Kathy - I keep wanting to call you Chatty Kathy! laugh Oh well - tysm for reading and your wonderful comment. Yes I have faith - which needs to be worked on and strengthened - especially during holiday seasons.

    Kathy teddybear
  • Happychatty1online now!
    Happychatty1 Nov 25 ....., Lancashire, England UK
    I seem to remember a doll named chatty Kathy when I was a girl too lol wave
  • Oceana2U
    Oceana2U Nov 26 Galway, Ireland
    Wow !!! Beautiful poem.

    Cheers to itwine heart beating wine heart wings
  • godsprincessonline now!
    godsprincessOP Nov 27 Owego, New York USA
    Youras! Haven't seen you around for a while in the comments. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Kathy wave
  • godsprincessonline now!
    godsprincessOP Nov 28 Owego, New York USA
    Thank you Christian - my friend.

    Kathy teddybear
  • godsprincessonline now!
    godsprincessOP Nov 30 Owego, New York USA
    Thank you Ummka
  • godsprincessonline now!
    godsprincessOP Dec 5 Owego, New York USA
    Lily - thank you so much - I'm seem to be having trouble keeping straight who commented and when. So with the same feeling - does that make us star sisters? hug

    Kathy teddybear
  • godsprincessonline now!
    godsprincessOP Dec 8 Owego, New York USA
    Thank you Ocean. I appreciate your wonderful compliment.

    Kathy teddybear
  • godsprincessonline now!
    godsprincessOP Dec 27 Owego, New York USA
    Now days Happy Chatty it's Cabbage Patch Dolls!

    Kathy laugh teddybear
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