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How You Shine Poem

How You Shine

“How You Shine.”
Michael P Clarke.


Like the midday sunlight how you do shine
Your Love shines brightly just like molten sun
In dreams bright passion your Love it is mine
Blessings upon me for i am your one.

Above your head God’s bright eye does shine
You come into my arms i hold my world
In my life my eternal Valentine
For you my arms are ever held unfurled.

My Angel of moonlight Love is ours
Before the lake Love we shall consummate
Our passion and desire two mighty towers
Love is a dream we always contemplate.

Beloved i see you in the divine
When you are beside me how you do shine.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 1, 2017

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Comments (2)

  • mcradloff
    mcradloff Dec 2 Platteville, Wisconsin USA
    Sounds like a happy person to be santa waving
  • weemick1960
    weemick1960OP Dec 4 Fife, Scotland UK
    Hi Mac, thank you for dropping by and the comment, it is much appreciated. Both fun people to be around. Still singing that song of love, the eternal echo. Your friend....Mike.
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