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Angel in transition Poem

Angel in transition

Sweet fragrant bouquet

Impregnated and impressed upon the bed linen

He has returned home yet his aroma lingers

Enrapturing sensations

Of warmth and love

A ball of unconsuming fire

Glowing and rotating in the midst of my solar plexus

Yearning for the deep intimacy and affection shared over the last few hours.

He will return for he is trustworthy

Enwrapped in an angel face,

I sense him and know him,

I worry not as he will come back to me

As sure as the sun rises over the horizon

My sweet angel will dawn with glorious muscular wings of flight

For his heart is entwined in the midst of mine.

His wings are sprouting while his shoulders broaden

To carry the weight heavily leaden upon his mind

Through the transition he knows he needs to endure.

I pray he takes shelter in the Almighty

That covers him in a protective shield

Alas those wings never singe.

The perfume from his body I will not wash away

I will inhale his intoxicating aroma till I see him again

And dream the sweetest of thoughts …
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2, 2017

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Comments (3)

  • mcradloff
    mcradloff Dec 2 Platteville, Wisconsin USA
    Sounds like a good smelling santa waving
  • weemick1960
    weemick1960 Dec 2 Fife, Scotland UK
    Hi Lynne, a deep and beautiful poem comes forth from your pen for us to read and lose ourselves within each wonderful line. This is poetry that sings in my mind. An angel born. Your words touch the soul. Hugs....Mike. XX
    LADYCOUNTESSOP Dec 4 DONEGAL, Donegal Ireland
    Thank you Mike that's really encouraging
    Bless you kiss
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