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Sparkling crystal flakes floating
Down from Heaven above
Covering all things with a coating
Of white showing God’s love

Peaceful quiet prevails around
The moon shining on the blanket of white
As God’s love has muffled all sound
Reflecting sparkling diamonds in the light

Listening to the sounds of the night
You can hear Angels singing in the sky
Celebrating the Glory of God’s might
Gossamer wings softly beating up high

This is the night that God was born on earth
They are celebrating His triumphant arrival
That night long ago when Mary gave birth
As the Old Testament foretold in the Bible

Glory – Glory on High Heaven and Earth
Our King and Prince of Peace has arrived
He has come to give us the miracle of rebirth
For Immanuel “God with Us” is alive!

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Posted: Dec 2017
About this poem:
Merry Christmas everyone!

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Comments (19)

Lovely write Kathy....the depiction is quite beautiful and matches the thoughts conveyed in this celebratory tribute to the birth or our Dearest Saviour. Merry Christmas purple heart
My friend has a brother who is a priest. In many places the showing of a nativity isn't allowed in public, so he got a life sized one for 500 and is having all the figures repainted at 800 a piece. He is going to have it at his house and I am going to go see it tomarrow and on Christmas day when he puts in baby Jesus.dancingsanta
southmiami4321online today!
What can I say GP, just beautiful!. I am Planning to read this poem to my Christian friends on Christmas day.Merry Christmas. SM
Thank you Christian! Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas tomorrow!

Kathy dancingsanta santa waving angel2
Lovely poem Happy Christmas Kathy
McRadloff - Thank you for sharing about your brother's nativity. I'm sure it was a lovely and an emotional moment when Baby Jesus is placed in the manger.

South Miami - thank you for your kind compliment and I'm thrilled that you shared this poem with your Christian friends. At my church - they used it on the back of our Christmas Eve Bulletin and our special Christmas Memorial Bulletin.

Kathy hug purple heart
Thank you Happy - hope you had a wonder Christmas!

Kathy hug
Abby1963online today!
Just lovely. I hope you had a merry Christmas and a very happy new year !teddybear bouquet
Thank you Laura. Hope your Christmas with your family was beautiful and I know God has a wonderful year ahead for you. Take care.

Kathy hug
2019: Showering CS with Christmas poems this morning for the true meaning of Christmas.

Kathy angel2
Mizzy4online today!
Hi Kathy,
This poem deserves a re-run. It perfectly encapsulates the true meaning of Christmas.
I hope you're keeping well.
Mick. angel wave
Thanks Mick. I am doing well. Our Savior has arrived today and reigns for Eternity. Take care and you too stay safe!

Kathy angel2
Merry Christmas Kathy ...cheering teddybear
Merry Christmas a little late Morgen but then it is Christmas and Easter every day of the year! Stay safe and have a Happy Healthy New Year!!

gnj4uonline today!
Hi, godsprincess,
Peaceful quiet prevails around
The moon shining on the blanket of white

May the Christmas season of love and celebration continue to bring hope into our world with this miracle of rebirth. Wishing you a Healthy, Happy New Year.
Wishing everyone in the Poetry Corner a Blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and safe New Year.

Kathy gingerbread dancingsanta
lilygold76online today!
So Beautiful GP,loved reading it.....wish you a blessed Christmas & may the New year bring all that your heart desires.hug bouquet
Thank you Lilygold - Praying you had a good Christmas and have a very Happy and HEALTHY New Year 2022!

Kathy party balloons
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