Nuwahri61online today!
by Nuwahri61mackay, Queensland AustraliaJan 33 comments

Nu’s Challenge...............

I am not really sure what’s happening here
But this sight seems so slow I am starting to fear
There once was a time when only a day would pass
And a posted poem would not see the day last
Now it seems they stay on here for too long
Days turn into weeks and it seems just wrong
I’d love to see some action again
So whip out your pen and scratch your brain
Now I don’t mean one writer to flog it hard
And post twenty poems all on one card
But let’s have etiquette and start some fun
A challenge I say is what needs to be done
So I propose to set the tone
Anyone can enter but best be alone
And please respect others and what they see........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 3
About this poem:
All writers have i ideas.............let’s hear them.......Regards Nu

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Comments (3)

Nuwahri61online today!
Well NU old fox you can't even buy a comment ............ Ha ha OH well looks like I have to tackle this on my own .........Regards NU head banger
godsprincessonline today!
Well Nu - the weather is in the U.S. is so cold I think we all have brain freeze! It's 9:00 a.m. here Saturday morning and people are just starting to stir - don't know about the rest of the world. With the weather - I haven't had much incentive lately and have been busy at church. I do have one poem idea in my head but have to actually sit down - think - and write it!

Also I think a lot of us get discouraged as there is no encouragement as you can see when you do write something. All of the old poets who were our biggest mentors seem to have disappeared. Some just seem to whip out poems that make absolutely no sense to me at all - or my brain is frozen to the deeper meanings.

Anyways - enjoyed your poem of encouragement. Thanks.

Kathy - U.S.A. teddybear hug
Nuwahri61online today!
Hi GP ............Yeah I am not sure either but it's all good .........sometimes you just have to stick with it regardless of the responses ..............Thanks for stopping by ......Regards NU grin
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