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deafness arrives

outliving the fantasy of we
when people speak I merely breathe
I'm not the chose
just one of those
who's just not there

heady rhythm of my sinus
in tune with my tinitus
a whole new land give to me

tryin' to find my way around
and so far I've found the ground
so I stop and stand alone
and think too much of what I've sown
that has brought me to no sound

now a brand new trek to take
every step a huge mistake
not sensing any call
caroming off nonexistent walls
as though I'm not really awake
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2018

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Comments (2)

socrates44online today!
I admire your honesty in this piece admitting your impaired hearing,
and your unique writing style with an air of mystery to it.
Your view is your lay of the land\

Music will play a part.

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