Gone Away.

How can one say that something has gone away?
I think of you, you have it all
But in a way pay for it with all those lonely nights!
Just waiting for his shine
It comes not so often these days
And you can lay awake all night just wondering
You have your treasure that's been gifted to you
But there's still a need that's craving inside that longs to be met
You can kid yourself you have it all.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2018
About this poem:
A poem about living alone.

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I know Live alone is so bad , I try to go away
Happychatty1online today!
This poem describes well the benefit and void that can sometimes be felt when living alone ...thank you for sharing it wave
Stilltime4usonline today!
Yes..living alone is hard - especially when you you have a lot to give, and expect what you know is out there
godsprincessonline today!
Living alone is especially hard when you are sick and don't feel good. Right now laid up with a torn cartilage in my knee - I usually am very active and walk 2 miles every day. Times like this it would be nice to have someone cuddle me and say everything will be okay. Oh well. T

Kathy sad flower
NOSTRUSonline today!
When I feel lonely I think of mystics who live in caves and survive .......you can think yourself out of loneliness . I do activities creative stuff music writing art where i meet with people .....I find that fills the void ....
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