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If I could change anything what would it be .............

If I could change anything what would it be
Personally I think that I would change history
I would go back in time when the continents were new
And discoveries were bold and adventurous too
When the natives of the lands respected their earth
In tune with nature they had known it from birth
When the sky's were blue and the fields green
And the rivers were cleaner than I have ever seen
I'd change the way they would interact
Discover the secrets to a sustainable act
Respect all who pass their way
And return that respect in a positive way
Acknowledging all that is required to survive
In a new land learning to stay alive
Understanding the guardians and their belief
Honouring their history and the words they speak
Accepting to change only but themselves
Strangers in a land belonging to someone else.........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 20
About this poem:
A little bit of insight and respect a long time ago would obviously given us a different outlook now ..............Indigenous peoples have been caring for their lands for centuries with very little impact forward now and I see an earth poisoning itself .............Anyway this was just a challenge and here's what turned out .......Regards to all NU

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godsprincessonline today!
It may be too late to respect our planet and all that God has made in it - man has poisoned possibly beyond recovery. However, people still don't believe it. I'm not sure if we went back in history if they would still believe it or not - for there are selfish people and countries in the world (mine included) who will do what they want and the "heck" with everyone else.

Your doing good Nu trying to keep things moving here! laugh banana cheering

Kathy - U.S. (I do this so you know I'm not your wife! laugh wink )
mcradloffonline today!
I think back to the story of Thanksgiving, we had about 70 years of peace with them until we started coming over in huge masses of people. I am sure there was more peace for all when we were just 200 million people. I think man started over here around 15,000 years ago when he came across the Bering Straight up by Alaska.drinking wine beer uh oh dunno rolling on the floor laughing professor roll eyes yawn hmmm joy rose in teeth pointing cartwheel sad stuck shock smile smoking snooty blah batting talk to hand nerd
Nuwahri61online today!
Hi GP .............Yes it's disappointing I just hope that people can see before it is too late .........anyway thanks for stopping by and the support its always appreciated .........Regards NU grin
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