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Disinfect + - Inoculate

Disinfected and Inoculated
[Poetry Foundation website, et al]

Little round scar on my upper arm
It wasn’t Carolyn Forche` who jabbed the first needle
Kudos and credits hers
for administering my first adult dose
(also thankful; Shots for the Sniffles, Dr. Seuss and others)

Words are Deployed into ranks by capability
Deploy rather than write in succession
Poets all too careless with the Hazmats they transport
So be reminded, straightaway in my amateurity
it’s not merely cute, but vital
pattern novel ways - Exposition a Thing:
e.g. twice deploy Amateurity
(pointing) twice above

So rather than sprinkle ‘round the rim with phonetics
avoiding touching the slime with precious pink hands
alternatives to rhyme expend more sweat
Muse of license grasps a hypodermic and an auger
along with sponge and gauze
a suction pipe if needed
some caustic bleach, a mop and pail
kept just out of sight but close nearby
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 27
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