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you cannot see your own eyes
you cannot touch the mind in your head
neither can you blow life into your existence

you ran around looking for who you are
you broke the lines trying to fit in the.crowd
yet. the path is dark and cold

shout to the GRACE. then you might be saved
come to the GIVER then you might be forgiven
surrender to the light then you might be made perfect

for it is HE who desires to take you in.
to walk with you and to bring you piece
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 30
About this poem:
It's about human-God relationship.

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Comments (3)

  • mcradloff
    mcradloff Feb 3 Platteville, Wisconsin USA
    I think of your part of the world to not be one that is christian, but I guess this religion is all over the world. please
  • kyacheo
    kyacheo Feb 3 fredericksburg, Virginia USA
    ViVi 11 . Indeed I do Like this Poem I Like too what it Says Indeed . It All Comes Together in Life.s Poetry . Nice Work . Beautiful cool
  • vivi11Hidden Profile
    vivi11Hidden ProfileOP Feb 4 Jakarta, Indonesia
    Thank you for your comments.

    Christianity is a belief for me, not religion and belief isnt limited by neither region nor majority opinion. So yes, it is everywhere.
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