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Generosity Greed

The ancients gods can sing and dance
The modern ones can speak in tongues
And none of them wants marbles
When gold is what they are after

Help the poor with treats
But give the rich their banquet
Show your face in charities
But mingle socially with celebrities

And if you must spent lavishly
Do so to those with deep pockets
And throw away your old and unwanted
To brings smiles to the less fortunate

Be seen among the movers and shakers
And not the small time thieves and beggers
Nothing is free is their life policy
Agents are prostitutes in disguise
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 5

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godsprincessonline today!
A very sad world we live in unfortunately. The poor get poorer and the rich richer. And the rich look down on the poor saying they had the same opportunity as I but that is not true. Different lives have different circumstances and different difficulties. Good write Morgan. Good to see you back. Cafe Jim would be proud of you.

Kathy sad flower teddybear
morgen90210online today!
thank you Kathy ... I just had no more juice mojo after Jim passing many people missing ... this is where my emotion runs free .... catch you later
Happychatty1online now!
Good poem.. true reflection of inequality n greed
Thanks for sharkng it wave
steve1223online today!
How very true Morgen ... one would think as society moves on that we, as a whole, would become more enlightened to the poverty that surrounds us. However, unfortunately, that is far from the truth as the gap between the haves and the have nots widens.

Take care my old friend.

mcradloffonline today!
The rich find new excuses for stealing money from people and making more people poor. We have a tax system here that rewards war criminals with half of our taxes and Trump seems ok with this.doh peace
lovecanberealonline today!
How very true Morgan, you have summed up the essence of a certain type of rich hypocrisy here. Ps good to see you posting again...thumbs up
Hey Morgen ...........Well written old mate ......Good to see you posting again ......Regards NU grin
lindsyjonesonline now!
Morgen, it is a very sad world we live in. The monied ones are the Lords of evil. Their powerful fingers can manipulate the truth, make themselves richer at our expense, the lowly and powerless.sad flower
Hi, morgen90210,
And none of them wants marbles
When gold is what they are after

Those having more than most must take action to see that the inequities are diminished. When this does not happen, revolutions are spawned. May we learn to live up to our stated principles before it's too late. Thank you for shedding light on Generosity Greed.
candykidonline today!
After a thorough read of this unique poem, and after a glimpse of the comments posted thus far, I echo the words written prior to mine by the other writers, and only feel that I would add that despite the inequality that certainly does poison all people in all territories of the earth, those such as yourself have an amazing testimony supersede all uncertainties. ......Great to read from you Danesh once again my friend. ........cheers
morgen90210online today!
Thank you so much happychatty1cheering
morgen90210online today!
Humble thanks brother Steve1223applause
morgen90210online today!
Thanks Mcradloffapplause
morgen90210online today!
Thank you so much lovecanbereal cheering
morgen90210online today!
Thank yet Nuhawk! cheering
morgen90210online today!
Thank yet sister LJ
morgen90210online today!
Thank you sister gnj4u
morgen90210online today!
Thank you Candykid cheering
its a shame the rich people dont think like you and me i myself may be poor but rich in love for animals and im making a differencewave wave wave dancing dancing dancing
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