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1. Crooked church heads make crooked beds!
I knew a male gentile pastor who had a wife & kids
and had a girlfriend & kids from her in the same church.
Crooked churched heads make crooked beds!

2. Solomon had 700-wives, princesses, 300-concubines,
that is a 1000-women.
I'm just voting for one,
that's the Old Testament we don't live in those days any more,
Players that aren't done playing sin love 2 have their fun.
1 Kings 11:3

3. Lots of men love that one night stand,
especially if she knows you're a milllionair,
she stays awake waiting for that drug induced
drink she gave you Mr. Man to put u to sleep,
when he begins 2 roar,
with his loud snore.

4. Because Mr. Man 2 bed u touched her hand,
as he's in his deep forest of sleep
she searches his wallet,
this man went 2 bed with a she shark,
he doesn't know while he's asleep
she's busy sinking him in 2 that robbers quicksand.

5. A lot of men love that one night stand,
but remember U let her in,
when you're finished with her Mr. Man.
She can't wait 4 U 2 begin your deep snore,
then next she finds his debit card pin
but remember Mr. Man U had let her in your inn.
His bank tells him, "U have no more funds
2 cover your door,
but he didn't know he got robbed while he snored.

6. I remember walking in 2 this church,
I had sat down 2 listen 2 this church head,
what U are in your heart
will be heard & shown 2 her in your bed!

7. The number one Life style:
Most men live a double-standard life style,
within the same man he loves his double life style,
she hears how much of an angel U are working out there
in the general public, she's heard all those comments
about her husbands reputation.

8. The number 2 life style within the same man:
She will hear & see what U are
behind the closed doors of your home with her.
She will judge if have within U, 'Force,'
she's expecting 2 hear & see this angel
everyone's been talking about your reputation
when he was out on his working jobs course.

9. I remember walking in 2 this church,
I sat down 2 listen 2 this church head,
what U are in your heart,
will be heard & shown 2 her in your bed!

10. He said horrible things about TBN:
meaning Trinity Broadcasting Network.
Said horrible things about the 700-Club.
I quoted his own bible back 2 him
the Song of Solomon 8:6 tells U,
"Jealousy is as cruel as the grave."
"When your favorite sport is Lazy-Lynching
the work away from your hands."
"U would rather preach a sermon
that mirrors your own new-born-babies scream,
when you're no-longer a baby any more,
being grown-up u can be a doer,
instead of crying & screaming like a new-born-babies scream."

11. His preaching everyone calls him a church head,
his message, "we must serve jealousy & angers head!"
I said, "I see why U don't get any sleep at night,
U love your crooked bed!"

12. Not all men of the Cloth are chosen:
The first class of men are good, they're Dolphins,
they've chosen 2 be done playing in sin.

13. The second class of men are evil, they're Sharks,
they've decided in their heart they love serving 2 masters,
they've aslo had decided they're won't be done playing in sin
as long as they say so.
U can't hear & see this until their actions
show & tell on them,
then after this they get reported!

14. Man that is born of a woman is of a few days
& full of trouble! Job 14:1. Men all over the world
have gone out of their way 2 make a mess
out of God's Church!!

15. Women's Recovery Home:
Here's proof found in scripture that men 4 hundreds
& hundreds of years have been living a double-standard
double life style all in the same one man.
Before a man can show & tell his double life style,
it starts at the seat of his emotions his heart. Psalms 12:1-2.(KJV)

Below they have archives that start at March 2002
& they end at Feb 2018.

Abuse Tracker - A Blog By Kathy Shaw
Bishop Accountability:
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Posted: Feb 9
About this poem:
1. I can't stand a lot of the American Churches,
U men ought to be ashamed of yourselves!!!!
You can't hold onto your culture and serve God at the same time!
That's serving two masters! Matthew 6:24
Culture is Tradition and God hates the Traditions of Men!!!!! Mark 7:6-7-8-9
Then you male devils have the gall to force the women & children
into your double hearted life style!!!!!! Psalms 12:2
You male devils, a double heart means you've been living a double-standard
life style.
You male devils have been doing this for hundreds of years,
I'm turning a deaf ear to all you male devils that think you know more than God!!!!!!!!!

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Monogamy is not a popular word for a lot of men. Bill Clinton comes to mind as well as a friend of mine. dance drink pouring flirty shimmy
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