Spirited and Free

In her dreams the beast comes along
Robust, untamed and strong
She knows, it can break her into pieces
But with the fierce look in her eyes
The beast fell on his knees

For she is a Goddess in her own ways
So leave her be, spirited and free
And if you're caught onto her web
Then you're done
You can't ever leave.

All I can say is:

Good luck
I know you're stuck
And can't ever find your way out
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2018
About this poem:
I wrote this for a wild but a lovely lady.

I find it natural that being wild is a part of who we are.

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Comments (6)

Lindsy - wish I could have a little tiny bit of that wildness but alas I'm doomed to be a goody too shoes! laugh angel

Kathy teddybear
Great write teddybear
There has been some intimidating women I have met that would match the woman described in this poem. I remember seeing this guy get berated by this gorgeous woman at the Twinorama in Cassville, Wisconsin and feeling sorry for the guy.flirty
Nu, please say hello you your beautiful wife.wave
Yes my dear Thea it sure is.

Thanks my darling friend for reading.comfort
Mc, that's not very pleasant scene.

Thanks for sharing.wave
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