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Window glass heart Poem

Window glass heart

Dusk did frame
the thin ringing
of a window glass heart

and there
in the fine frost of my tethered dream
I knew my days had been stolen
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 22
About this poem:
Reckoning with my shallow jumpy attractions :)

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Comments (3)

  • godsprincess
    godsprincess Feb 22 Owego, New York USA
    Beautifully sad. She broke your heart - but fortunately hearts do mend with time. Take care Ocean.

    Kathy teddybear
  • Oceanzest
    OceanzestOP Feb 23 Hamilton, Waikato New Zealand
    Geez you are an astute woman Kathy sad flower
  • Nuwahri61
    Nuwahri61 Feb 23 mackay, Queensland Australia
    Cool write Oceanzest......... Enjoyed this intriguing write .....regards Nu
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