by Nuwahri61mackay, Queensland AustraliaMar 20182 comments

Carpark Blues .........

I'm sitting in the car park
North of nowhere
It's so dark
You can't see my despair
The rain is flogging down
Harder than hell
I just want to curl up
And get back in my shell
But a glimpse of light appears
Piercing through the black
Dawn is breaking through
No time to be slack
I notice their are others
Also waiting for the light
For the ocean has been talking
And the listeners have been right
There is a big swell running
For a couple of days now
And the weekend is here
So the crowds flock my brow
But the tide is not quite right
Or where it needs to be
As people hit the water
As far as I can see
So I will sit here patiently
And let time do its thing
And save all my energy
For when I really need to bring
Tinker on the keyboard
And write a word or two
Listen to the wind
To appreciate you ..........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2018
About this poem:
Early morning surf check ............

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I sit in my car a lot as I prefer solitude with my music and dvd player. I spend about 50 minutes a day at work there, and another 50 driving to and from this place I wish was better, but at least I got the last two Saturdays off.typing
Hey MC ........that's cool bud .......nothing wrong with hanging by yourself especially when listening to some tunes.......,.thanks for stopping by ........Regards Nuhead banger
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