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Drive a coast road, not a car in sight
Sky above, on scene light-and-bright
Shine reflects, a sparkling rolling sea
Miles upon miles, beach-empty-free

Reach settlement, few houses stand
Tiny fishing boats, dotted on the sand
Isolated reality, from distant towns
Swimwear-casual, smiles not frowns

Normal welcome, a casual drive
People without events, to feel alive
Living their days, no need of others
Share good times, lovers or brothers

Will the beach, be a place to just sit
Unless a friendly party, bonfire is lit
Sky above clear, allowing the stars
To twinkle brightly, allow to see far

These the place, tourists rarely seen
Preferring night, bars-club's-lights beam
Sleepy communities, life rolls by each day
Only those in cities, live a life that can pay

Money-material things, not with smiles
To reach isolated beauty, travel miles
Both lives, allow to decide-understand
Makes human's happy, woman-child-man
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 10
About this poem:
NZ....a mixture of isolation and variety of life....

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argjentionline now!
i like this poem id like to know you better
niah9online today!
argjenti......thank you for reading and leaving a comment.....Kathy NZdancing
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