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The Lady

The Lady

Would the lady like a hairy chest,
or one thats bare, does she really care?
Words of wisdom are oft times rare,
she penned it well, true words to share,
and whats the harm, my lady fair,
undo a button,, here or there,

A stroke, a touch, another day,
designed in us,,, I like,,, my way,
at 22, .........the new day dawned,
I saw, I learned, there's nothing
new in me or you,
the end is nigh, and here I lie,
oh it was fun,, my missions done,

over and out

apollo one!

Man at peace!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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Comments (3)

OK wise guy.That is IT....Meet me outside at dawn, handbag and hatchet.very mad
watch out optimisticme...she says she's got a hatchet!
laugh now you are for it! ya just had to keep at it - popcorn
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