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Predaceous Eyes

I watch
wintering geese
Lay restless
in an empty field
Each one
taking part in the story
Each eye
Cast around in warning
Bigger than themselves
Getting lost together
in that cloud forest
When warm springs
Greet a rising sun
Turning my face
towards its warmth
Turning my lips into
a saponaceous smile
Almost ashamed
of my ape ancestry
They glance around
I glance gluttonously
straight ahead
Watching them
Every move
much aware of
My predaceous eyes

(c) Yankee4you 2018
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2018
About this poem:
Something to share about primitive feelings

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Such a lovely reflective poem Yankee thanks for sharing it,you described the scene and your awe inspiring experience so well that I felt I i was there...the best things in life such as walking in the forest feeling privelaged to spend time in the environment the animal”s habitat, birdwatching etc are free and such a priceless gift we must treasure gift wave applause
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