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Without question Heaven and Hell are right here on Earth
only having significance after humanities inexplicable birth
Every human has likely experienced both in some capacity
when voicing myself it's conveyed with absolute veracity

Our Planets breathtaking landscape depicts a heavenly place
Hades indubitably reigns over this worlds bountiful space
The most asinine choose eyes shut rather than see
any human enduring life's vile realities would agree

In the oceans abyss lurk extraterrestrial like creatures
only Nature could be behind such inconceivable features
The unfathomable lie beneath dark waters and on land
unknown answers shall forever be in demand

The why and how mankind wasn't meant to figure out
but the desire to will remain perpetual without doubt
Marvels witnessed and those we'll never know are vast
the conscious destruction of Earth humans must get past

Mother Nature's true magnificence can't properly be defined
she's responsible for more life than all mythical deities combined
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 26
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lookn2shareonline today!
daniela777: Thank you for taking time to comment! I was unable to find the video (error).

teddybear peace
daniela777online now!
Sorry about the link - I was trying from my cell phone.
Now, this one should work - and really worth watching.

lookn2shareonline today!
daniela777: My lady... "This video isn't available" showed itself. Thanks for trying to share!
Be sweet, and thanks again for responding!

bouquet teddybear
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